V's Playroom:

After my husband was diagnosed with cancer, we knew our lives would be turned upside down. We knew there would be a lot of hospital stays, so we had to make a special place for our Victoria  to play.  Back in September I had started looking for ideas on kids modern playrooms. We knew the most cost effective way to go was IKEA, but we didn't really like the kids furniture because of the colors. So we found pieces that could easily be incorporated in a kid's room, and still be useful afterwards. It's still a work in progress, but at least she now has a retreat while daddy is busy getting better.

1. Expedit Shelves 59.99
They are the perfect height so she can easily access her books and toys.
2. Skubb Bins 14.99 for set of 3
Perfect for holding her lose toys, while keeping them well hidden
3. Gladsax Frames 7.99
I designed the posters and got them printed at a local printer
We didn't like the children's table, and this side table was the perfect fit for a third of the price.
Adds a touch of playfulness to the room

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