I was and still am completely obsessed with the Bubble Necklace from JCrew. It comes in six beautiful colors (Pink, Green, Navy, Royal Blue, Pink Blossom, & Turquoise)  and currently has a sale tag of $120 (from $150). Unfortunately, this price tag is still a little high for my pocketbook, specially if you want it in ALL colors! Ever since my obsession began, I have stumbled on many vendors selling look-a-likes for a third of the price (it was fate!). Here is what they look like!
{ILY Couture $49.00 Got it in Yellow and Ivory}
{Ebay $13.92 got it in Gray}
{Ebay $11.89 got it in Navy}

{Ebay $11.96 got it in Green}
The only downside to Ebay is that each necklace was bought from a different vendor, because I could never locate the same vendor. I was worried that the purchase would be a scam, but since the prices were so low, I tried not to stress about it! If you need this in a rush for a party I wouldnt recommend it, since shipping can take anywhere from 2-4 weeks.
Here are some other great vendors
who sell it as well!
Himediy on Etsy

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