Imogen Heap:

Im exhausted this morning, but it was all worth it. My best friend gave me and my hubby tickets to last night's Imogen Heap concert, and I'm still humming the songs in my head. I'm a person who is obsessed with music, and I've liked a few of her songs, but it was such an experience to witness her music live. It's something I just can't put into words. She also tried something that I've never seen anyone else do before. In an attempt to raise money for local charities, she composed a new song during the show,  taking suggestions from the audience. After a little five minute chit chat session, she got to work playing with chords and rhythmns, to make a composition truly unique to last night's setlist. She's done this at every stop on her Ellipse Tour . In a couple of days the song will be available for purchase on her website. It's still not too late to catch her at another North American stop. You wont be disappointed.

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