A Miracle Birthday:

I can't believe Victoria's first birthday is fast approaching! I must say, there were times last year that I thought we'd never make it this far. After Victoria's premature birth at only 26 weeks, we had an emotional rollercoaster ahead of us. Each passing day was a challenge and a blessing. The three long months she stayed in the hospital felt like an eternity. The day she finally came home, only two days after my very first mother's day, was very bitter sweet. We had become so attached to all of her nurses, or as I like to call them, her NICU Mothers. They were our support system, reassuring us with each passing day, she would be okay, and one day she would finally be home. Today she is a chubby, healthy baby, who is growing way too fast. I feel thankful and blessed to finally be celebrating this joyous occasion. She is our little miracle, who changed our lives forever.

In celebration of Victoria's birthday, we have created a virtual band to make donations to the March of Dimes in her honor, and in honor of so many babies who were not as fortunate as our precious Victoria.


  1. You brought tears to my eyes. this is a wonderful and generous gift in her name. Beautiful Ilu.

  2. What a wonderful post! Blessings for Victoria and your cause. :-)


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