Good Stock:

Im an old fashioned girl at heart, but I must admit I love technology. I can't go anywhere without my iphone and I love that I can do just about anything on it. I'm mostly in love with all these companies that have popped up on the internet to create and publish photo books. I'm not a big scrapbooking fan; I just don't have the patience for all the cutting and gluing. My motto is that a perfect photo album is one mouse click away. Recently I was researching (cost effective) sources to get such a book published. I don't mind the books that I make on my Mac, but I wanted something with a little more design flexibility. Every time I dive into the internet for research, I somehow always manage to stumble onto treasures, and Good Stock was one of them. They create amazing photo books, they are costly, way out of my budget, but worth every penny if you  are planning on giving a truly special gift to someone.

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