New Year, New Parties:

Happy New Year! I wish everyone a wonderful 2011! So, I'm a little relieved that the craziness of the holidays is over. I'm a little bummed that my mini vacation was short lived and must now get back to reality. I am, however, very excited that in a little less than 5 months I will be welcoming a new little person into my life. Life lately has become about planning, planning, and more planning. Of course being the party lover ( and control freak) that I am, this was yet another excuse to create a unique event, called the Baby Shower. Trust me, I've already received an endless amount of comments from friends wondering why in the world I'm even involved in the process, and not just showing up for the food and gifts! But if you're like me, and love putting fêtes together, you will understand. So, to help me get my thoughts together, I created the following inspiration board. I will hopefully  be adding lots of little details of my process, and hopefully a freebie printable of my invitation! Stay tuned!   

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