Weekend Getaway:

I hope everyone had a relaxing Fourth of July weekend. I just got back from a little weekend away in Palm Beach with the hubby. Even though we got rainy weather most of the time, we got to visit some great restaurants and meet some interesting people along the way. One of our favorite casual spots is Rocco's Tacos, they have the best guacamole I have ever tasted. Each order is made fresh on the spot, and since we always sit at the bar we get to watch them make it in front of us. One rainy afternoon we decided to visit the Flagler Museum also known as Whitehall, Henry Flagler's home in Palm Beach. Even though we have been to Palm Beach several times, we have never visited. I love to visit museums from the Gilded Age. I find their history very intriguing. On the eve of Fourth of July we decided we would go for an early dinner and get back to the hotel in time to watch the fireworks. We decided to go to the Omphoy Hotel for drinks and then to Michelle Bernstein's restaurant for dinner. My hubby and I are big fans of her restaurants in Miami, so we knew the food would be delicious. Though we had no idea we would be in for a special treat! She happened to be working in the kitchen that night and as the night went on she and her husband ended up sitting at the table right beside us at dinner. She was so nice and friendly we ended up engaging in conversation for the remainder of the evening. Needless to say, we missed the fireworks! It ended up being a great weekend despite the rain!   
19th Century Lace work
A courtyard in the middle of the home
Henry Flagler's original train car No. 91

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