Happy Mother's Day:

Happy Mother's Day to all those wonderful mothers out there. I had a wonderful day with my mother and all the other special moms in my life! Here is a peek to my completed mother's day project. I hope they all enjoyed my baked goodies.
{Visit Think Garnish for supplies & ideas!}


  1. That looks great Ilu! Loving the little details like the very chic forks :) I bet the cake tasted great!

  2. Thanks Linnette! The forks are adorable, I got them from Thinkgarnish.com!

  3. Ilu...these turned out amazing! So happy Garnish could be part of your Mother's Day celebrations. I just read some of your posts...I hope you realized that the beauty of these Garnish loaf molds is that you bake right in them. No need for loaf pans (that you'll then have to wash) :-)

  4. Oh my Gosh! As you can tell I'm NOT a baker or a cook really! Hahahahha!I had no idea you can bake right into them, how embarrasing! It worked out though. I know better for next time. ;-)


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