Pride & Joy:

I finally got the photos of the holiday event I put together for my day job! I'm very happy with the way everything turned out, and I'm ecstatic to be sharing them with you! The theme was Passport to Latin America!

Invitations designed by InkBox

Guests received Welcome bags at check-in.
The gift bags contained a duffel bag, a travel pillow, a leather luggage tag
and passport wallet and four miniature licquor bottles like those you'd get on an airplane!

Wrapped Raffle Gifts

Conga drums served as highboys for the {on the beach} cocktail.

Caipirinhas in different flavors were passed around.
This was in addition to an open bar.

One of the signature 'Latin American' dishes
{Peruvian Ceviche}

Cigar Box Centerpieces & Candle votives filled with coffee beans.

Another centerpiece designed to look like a Palm Tree

Some centerpieces included coconuts

Another view of the room

Domino tables at the {After Party}

More decorations at the Tropigala Themed {After Party}

Credits: Photography courtesy of Studio 1791
Event Location: Key Largo Grande Resort
Flowers & Decor: Deco Productions


  1. Hello,
    My name is Shannon & I have been doing internet searches to get tablescape ideas for my church's women's retreat. The theme is Fresh Linen and time after time your blog keeps popping up on my search engine. I love your logo and think it so cool that you chose that name for your blog. It's a curious thing how the internet works. I feel intrusive linking to your blog since we are total strangers. But I decided to write to you because based on your profile you seem like a very creative person and my decorating team is stumped. We need to make table centerpieces for approx. 25 60" tables reflecting the theme of "Fresh Linen." We are on a tight budget and know we don't want anything beachy or laundry-ish. If you happen to have any ideas you would be willing to share with a stranger, I would so appreciate your input! If not, I totally understand. Have a blessed day! Sincerely, Shannon (shanmere@gmail.com)

  2. Dear Shannon, Im happy you stumbled on my blog, and I hope you will visit back. Your question really inspired me and challenged me to come up with some ideas. I hope you like the new post, and I hope it is somewhat helpful! Good luck!


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