Wrap me up:

I love beautiful & unique packaging. Whether its for gifts, stationery, food, or perfume, to my graphic design heart, it's all about the presentation. Even if what you're packaging is something small or inexpensive, the thought that went into its packaging makes it all the more special. Right now, my heart is skipping a beat with all the organic looking packaging from  Think Garnish. My brain is working overtime on ideas of how I could use their packaging for small gifts to give all the mothers in my life.
{All images from Think Garnish}


  1. Hi Ilu,

    Thanks for the Garnish shout out! Great site, great resources and love how you garnished our photos.

    Garnish + Enjoy,

    - Suzanne

  2. Thank you Suzanne! I cant wait to post pictures using your supplies!


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