Hubby's in Love:

So after months of trying to watch a movie at this place, the hubby and I finally managed to make it to CinéBistro this weekend. Needless to say, I don't think we will ever go back to a regular movie theater again. Although it's a bit expensive, it's definitely worth it. You have to purchase your tickets in advance, at which time you reserve the seats of your choice. No lines, no annoying teenagers, no annoying chit chatter, and the best part of all, you have to be 21 or over to get in, unless they are playing a kids movie. They have a full bar, so you can pretty much get anything from a vodka tonic, to a melon mojito, to champagne. The food and desserts were great, although one downside is that all the food comes all at once. This is to avoid interruptions during the movie. The service was impeccable. We definitely cant wait to go back!

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